Who We Are

We are a network of inter-faith individuals who practice proactive compassion by administering relief to those who may suffer from natural disasters or civil unrest on a global scale.




It's About Saving Lives And Giving Hope

In the coming months and years, millions of people in our own country will suffer the life-threatening effects of natural disasters and civil unrest. There's no sugar-coating it...we are in for some troubled times. However long, arduous, or grief-stricken these events may be, we must remember the old adage, "After the storm comes the sunshine".

Ultimately, these tragedies will be contrasted by marvelous opportunities for unity and lasting peace, but in order to make it that far, we're going to need to help each other along the way. It is this intrinsic motivation that moves us to establish well-stocked distribution points throughout the United States, from which essential supplies can be withdrawn and mobilized to nearby disaster zones.

Paying It Forward

When a disaster strikes, many of its victims become instantly homeless and destitute. It creates a very literal "race against time" to make contact with survivors, get them to places of safety, and outfit them with essential emergency supplies.

We Focus On The Essentials

  • Clean Water
  • Food / Sustenance
  • Adequate Shelter
  • Clothing / Blankets
  • Basic Hygiene and Medical Supplies
  • Places of Safety

Relief Fund Founder:

Julie Rowe

In 2004, Julie Rowe was a happy wife and mother. Then her health took a turn for the worse. While in a weakened state, her spirit left her body and entered the Spirit World. An ancestor name John greeted her there and showed her many wonderful places. He also allowed Julie to read from the Book of Life, which showed her a panorama of the earth's past, present, and future. These scenes included the Savior's mortal life, along with his crucifixion and resurrection. During her time in the Spirit World, Julie met several of the Founding Fathers of the United States. They expressed their worries about the country's eroding moral fabric, and she promised to share their counsel and warnings when she returned to earth. Julie was then shown upcoming world events that will be both tragic and glorious. Earthquakes, famines, plagues, and wars are coming to the United States, but Julie saw how God is preparing places of safety to protect righteous people from the coming calamities. She was shown that after the turmoil, America will rise above these tragedies and fulfill its destiny as a bastion of freedom and liberty. Julie has documented portions of her near-death experience and subsequent journey in a new book called...

From Tragedy to Destiny:
A Vision of America's Future

You can order the book in print or digital format on Amazon.com

Proceeds go to the Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund (GTRF)

Global Displacement

The Organization

Our team consists of a National Board of Directors that oversee 4 major regions of the United States. Each of these regions is further delineated by Divisions and its own communication chain that involves Division Contacts, Area Coordinators, various sub-committees and numerous on-call volunteers.


*We intend to extend our care internationally as our volunteer network grows.

Division 1-New England
Division 2-Mid-Atlantic
Division 3-East North Central
Division 4-West North Central
Division 5-South Atlantic
Division 6-East South Central
Division 7-West South Central
Division 8-Mountain
Division 9-Pacific